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How to fight premature "gray hair", hair health

How to fight premature “gray hair”, hair health

First of all, doctors would like to explain the process of hair coloring first. Starting from our hair color, it is cause by the hair texture cells. And hair pigment cells that are proteins. Will continue to act to feed the pigment into the texture of our hair. As

Healthy, 400 grams of colorful vegetables

Healthy, 400 grams of colorful vegetables

Each color of fruit and vegetable contains different substances that act differently, so in order to obtain a wide variety of essential substances. Complete to the body. Therefore should consume vegetables Fruit to have a variety of colors This is better than consuming monochromatic vegetables without needing to eat

"4 healthy food To create good health"

“4 healthy food To create good health”

Healthy food  It can be counted as having a wide variety of menus for you to taste, plus how to take care of your health in order to affect the human body is most complete. It can be said that there are many other methods as well, but the

Natural mineral water vs industrial mineral water

Natural mineral water vs industrial mineral water

The doctor is one who has the opportunity to visit many famous mineral water sources in the world and in our home about mineral water. Never fall from the current People interested in drinking mineral water Soaking in mineral water is abundant. And believe that you, the reader, must

"Oolong tea" feel light and calm

“Oolong tea” feel light and calm

Get to know one of the most talked about alternative beverages for health lovers, ‘Oolong Tea’. Look at the great benefits like ‘OTPP’ to help you feel light and calm. The amount is reasonable and good for health. Today’s way of life in which people