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When Ho Koon Ming took over from his father. And opened as Tasty Congee & Noodle. He continues to strive for comfort food with the highest quality of the original recipes. The dumplings at the restaurant have to pass the three qualities: noodles, broth, and dumplings. That need to be bite-sized, and the filling has a ratio of 7: 3 between shrimp and pork, and the shop is meticulous to the size of the meat pieces. Shrimp ever Personally, the noodles called Jook Sing are produce by the shop as well. 

So delicious it floats with wonton noodle, soft and smooth, like swallowing clouds

The legend tells of Hunan snacks to “wonton noodle”, a favorite dish of Cantonese people. The Cantonese name called ‘Wan Than’ is synonymous with the word meaning. “Swallow the Clouds” because the thin dumplings, stuff with a filling made from river prawns and slightly lean pork, are boil in a pot. When cooked, it will gradually. Floating up like a small cloud
 The natural sweetness of the dumplings floats in a broth which is simmered from dried flounder, pork bone and shrimp roe for hours to a mellow flavor. It is paired with carefully crafted thin noodles that are blanched like the crunchy “al dente”. The line does not break. Therefore, this bowl of wonton noodles is not delicious because of any chance But comes from careful cooking in every step. Soft Beef Congee Taste good for the heart.

Soft Beef Congee Taste good for the heart

In addition to the protagonist wonton noodles, Tasty Konjie & Noodles also have a smooth and creamy porridge, served hot with a variety of side dishes to choose from, such as fish, sliced ​​beef, salted pork balls, preserved eggs, and pork liver. Yong Ji Pork and Egg
 For anyone who wants to taste the authenticity See, it must be a combination of guangzhou-style porridge. It consists of 1 cup of boiled rice, porridge and various meats. Arranged separately as a side dishWherever you are, it’s easy to be full and delicious. With delivery service Delivered directly to your home

Wherever you are, it’s easy to be full and delicious. With delivery service Delivered directly to your home

In addition to the full menu, delicious food such as congee and wonton noodles, as the name suggests. They also have dozens of delicious dim sum items. Whether it is Ha Gao, Soyiko, Malai Gow, Thai Desserts, Tofu and Fried Shrimp BBQ Pork Bun Fried Buns with Salted Eggs And a variety of fried noodles to choose from 
 Tasty Congee & Noodle’s wide variety of dishes are all created by experienced chefs from Hong Kong. People with different expertise and expertise. To give you a delicious experience Change the simple menu into a favorite menu that you can eat without boring.
 The good news is that the restaurant will soon be launching a leading food ordering app. Today we raise the recipe for delicious authentic Hong Kong. Come and enjoy your meal in ufabet Thailand at Tasty Congee & Noodle, G Floor, Siam Paragon.