Travel: 5 most popular destinations around the world

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With travel restrictions due to the COVID- 19 situation , many people have to cancel travel plans that they had want to go since last year. But it’s not too long to wait Travelers. Who are looking forward to their return trips should be able to return to travel, travel again. And prepare for their imminent journey. Let’s take this time to find inspiration on a virtual journey. To popular destinations around the world So that you can relax and review the checklist. Travel dreams around the world will be able to travel the world is once again in the near future.

With a mission to make it easier for everyone to explore the world. We is volunteering to inspire you by offering stunning destinations. With us as your guide to the destinations you’ve always dreamed of! With the world’s top 5 most searched attractions checklist, fulfill your travel ideas and dreams come true. And get ready when it’s time for us to return to our journey safely again.

Unforgettable historical trips – Andalusia, Spain

for the first destination The most searched for all over the world is an impressive and fascinating historical site in Andalusia, Spain. It is a unique destination where you can trace history and become a part of. Historical landmarks such as Moorish culture and architecture the majestic city of muslims Abram Architecture. That has been registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The palace was once home to the Sultanate of the Nasrid dynasty. But there are also beautiful views around. It takes your breath away and impresses you with unforgettable memories.

Immerse yourself in the majestic nature – Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria is Germany’s largest state and is home to the beautiful castle global oil Brannon Saskatchewan and New Holstein’s Stephen Burke in the Bavarian city where there is the sea. Alpine lakes representing natural beauty that are attractive to tourists around the world. Tourists who love the serenity and sparkling turquoise waters. Lake Constance Known in German as Boden, it is a natural border between Austria and Switzerland. It’s a destination that you shouldn’t miss. For anyone who is looking for a trip that can move the body after having to sit. I slept in the house for several months. There are many outdoor activities in the Boden Lake area for you to enjoy. From swimming, sailing, windsurfing, hiking and biking to admiring the beauty of the sunset. The reflection of the sun on the water at sunset and the fresh breeze from the lake will help you become one with nature. and truly soothe your soul.

Fulfilling happiness simply in the city – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Very few people know that Sao Paulo is a whole state. and the largest city of Brazil This diverse city is surrounded by the Serra da Mantiqueira peak 1500 feet (or 2500 meters) above sea level. and the ancient Atlantic forest in Brazil. including beautiful beaches Sao Paulo is one of the world-class destinations ideal for city travelers. who want to experience the cultural charm of many nationalities that blend together perfectly and presented through a variety of delicious food menus and a wide variety of works of art Another highlight of São Paulo is the Ibirapuera Gardens, a large green space in the center of the city. that provides the perfect moment of relaxation After immersing yourself in the travels in this metropolis

Get inspired in Venice, the city of dreams – Veneto, Italy.

Those who travel to the Veneto region of Italy, of course, their main destination is to explore the capital city located in the Adriatic Sea. like Venice for sure Because this place never fails to offer the perfect beauty like a dream image to everyone. in the Venetian Lagoon Of course, you won’t want to take your eyes off the sights along the way that Murano Island, Burano Island, and Torcello Island offer every traveler. Imagine taking a motor boat along a beautiful lake. You will be able to experience spectacular views from the colorful houses through the peaceful canals. and open your old world to culture and distinctive indigenous traditions of Venice

Marvel at the lights and the beauty of the city of art – the Ile-de-France region. France

Of course, the city on everyone’s must-see list in the Ile de France region is Paris, a destination where you can fully be yourself and indulge in exploring some of the world’s most remarkable beauty. in all areas and also the location of Versailles and Fountain Bowl As everyone knows, Paris is filled with precious architecture, culture, art and world-class fine dining. Let’s leave the truth aside for a moment. Then step foot into this beautiful and charming city of many landmarks. Go through a virtual journey with us at Louvre Museum One of the most famous museums in the world, home to the famous Mona Lisa painting.