8 benefits of prunes “Black gemstones”

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When it comes to black gemstones that help nourish the eyes, I believe that many women must think of prunes. Which is classified as a fruit that is paired with the health of women’s bodies that have it because of the various benefits. obtained from eating prunes that are all liked by girls very much Let’s see that in addition to nourishing the eyes Prunes also have a beneficial effect on the human body.

1. Help lose weight Black gemstones

One of the fruits that help to lose weight effectively is prunes. Because 1 small prune provides only 23 kcal of energy. It also contains soluble fiber that helps your body feel full for longer. Thus reducing the symptoms of wanting to eat snacks as well.

2. Relieve menstrual pain Black gemstones

During menstruation, women are advised to eat prunes to help reduce menstrual pain as well. But should be taken about 2 days before menstruation to be effective. It is also a fruit that increases the blood in the body as well. Because prunes are rich in iron. thereby helping to synthesize hemoglobin in the arterial blood and increase the blood in the body

3. Nourish the skin to shine

Any young woman who wants to have beautiful, glowing skin or skin that looks rosy. Don’t miss out on eating prunes. Because this fruit is rich in iron. which helps make our skin naturally bright There is almost no need to use blush at all.

4. Strengthen hair.

Anyone who has problems with hair Should focus on eating prunes often. Because this fruit helps to make hair strong, black, shiny and helps thick hair naturally. Because prunes are rich in zinc and copper minerals. Which is a nutrient that is very important to the hair.

5. Helps to slow down aging

Prunes are high in vitamin C. which stimulates the production of collagen under the skin layer It also contains other types of antioxidants. that help slow down the process of the body As a result, the body slows down. It also helps prevent wrinkles on the face as well.

6. Prevent osteoporosis

When the body enters menopause It is a time when the body is at risk of developing osteoporosis. Therefore, it is recommended to eat prunes more often. Because this fruit is a source of boron and potassium. Which is a nutrient that helps build strong bones However, eating 6-10 prunes per day will help prevent osteoporosis as well.

7. Prevent breast cancer

Prunes are full of antioxidants. thus helping to prevent cancer as well especially breast cancer Because the polyphenols that are rich in prunes have properties to help suppress breast cancer cells effectively.

8. child care

For mothers pregnancy who have problems with anemia. It is recommended to eat prunes to help prevent the condition. This is because prunes are a source of iron that will help build red blood cells. It also helps relieve constipation. Joint pain, numbness and depression in pregnant mothers as well.

Although prunes are a delicious fruit and provide many benefits to the body. But it is a fruit that is not recommended for people with kidney disease. because it is rich in high potassium It is also not recommended for people with digestive problems such as loose stools or intestinal disorders. Because it will stimulate the symptoms to be more severe than ever before.