“Alternative Proteins”, a healthy trend

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Alternative Proteins. Everyone knows that having good health is partly due to our own healthy behaviors. Especially eating behavior because we really know what food is good for the body. Which we are the ones who choose to eat or not eat. For example, if the menu does not like Bad taste We don’t even eat. That is useful meanwhile If it’s a favorite menu. Even if it is a useless food Even if it’s call “junk food”, we don’t care. We will eat anyway.

Alternative Proteins However, today’s society is driven by “trends”. Will cause curiosity, want to try, want to keep up with the trend so that they can talk to other people about it. Food trends too. In this era many People turn to pay more attention to their health besides exercise. Which burns energy from the food they eat. People go back to look at the origin of eating. that you have to eat something that is good for your health Make some food trends that are believed to be healthy food. It’s not difficult to become popular overnight. Although some people try to eat for fun. according to the trend

Still, in this era People don’t just care about their own good health through food. They have a broader perspective. like caring for the environment They believe that if humans help each other to protect the environment until we can get good nature back. Humans will be able to live in a good environment. be in good nature. Which will result in a return to the good health of humans as well, so the choice of food for the people of this era. Therefore, they may not eat for the purpose of creating good health for themselves only anymore. But it is a good choice for nature, the environment and the world.