Healthy, 400 grams of colorful vegetables

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Each color of fruit and vegetable contains different substances that act differently, so in order to obtain a wide variety of essential substances. Complete to the body. Therefore should consume vegetables Fruit to have a variety of colors This is better than consuming monochromatic vegetables without needing to eat them at every meal or every day, just having multiple servings in a week is enough. Because the most important thing is to reach the minimum amount your body needs is 400 grams, ”Assoc. Prof. 

The benefits of fruits and vegetables 5 colors

1. Green to chlorophyll. Help fight free radicals Prevent cell damage and eliminate hormones that cause some types of cancer, such as morning glory, spinach, spinach, spinach, lettuce, kale, ufabet cucumber.

2. Yellow to beta carotene. And flavonoids Helps maintain the health of the heart, blood vessels, the immune system of the body, nourish the eyes such as carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato.

3. Purple color anthocyanin. Help slow down cell degeneration, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke in the brain. Inhibit E. coli in the digestive tract Which can cause food poisoning such as purple cauliflower, eggplant, butterfly pea flower.

4. White color to the Allicin. Build healthy cells Inhibit the occurrence of tumors, reduce the risk of breast cancer. Colon cancer Prostate cancer Anti-inflammatory Lowering blood sugar levels Reduce the amount of fat in the blood. Lowering blood pressure Prevent arteriosclerosis Maintain the immune system such as garlic, radish, soy.

5. Red color contains a high amount of lycopene. It has antioxidant properties. With a very high anti-oxidant activity It has the ability to fight free radicals 100 times more than vitamin E and 125 times more than glutathione. Lycopene helps prevent the development of prostate cancer. Gastric and lung cancer, and also inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells Prostate cancer Colon cancer And uterine cancer such as tomatoes, shallots, sweet peppers, etc.