How to fight premature “gray hair”, hair health

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First of all, doctors would like to explain the process of hair coloring first. Starting from our hair color, it is cause by the hair texture cells. And hair pigment cells that are proteins. Will continue to act to feed the pigment into the texture of our hair. As a result, our hair has different colors according to genetics. If people have a lot of intense pigment, their hair will be dark black. The people with little pigment Hair color will naturally soften.

The cause of “gray hair” is due to the fact that the pigment cells are unable to generate the color normally. Resulting in only the hair growing out But the hair color does not come out as well So we can see that the hair is gray or white. And called that hair “gray hair” there

In case the hair is completely white What it means is The pigment cells stop working completely. The doctor asked to comment that Lifestyle is an important factor that causes premature gray hair.

Currently, in medical practice, it cannot be associated with premature gray hair. Or have some behavior that is a catalyst for faster premature gray hair

Some of the behaviors that are a factor that contributes to the graying of hair are not getting enough rest. Chronic stress Incorrect nutrition, complete Lack of essential nutrients for the body Or by other factors

1. Not enough rest

Sleep is a very important factor. If we do not sleep enough, it will have a direct health effect. Looking deeper than that, I found It’s not just about the length of sleep alone. But it must be sleep that is appropriate for the work of the body as well. Because each body has different hormones.

Normally according to the principle of the life of the general public We should sleep at night. Because important cells and hormones will be released to repair the wear and tear more effectively. The regeneration of new skin cells takes place while we sleep. Including the creation of new hair root cells as well. Therefore during the night If we sleep less Not getting enough rest We will lose 30-40 percent of that hormone immediately and unnecessarily.

2. Chronic stress

Excessive physical activity, for example, running a marathon, triathlon, or going to the gym 7 days a week, if you get the same nutrition. Or not eat all categories The body will not have enough food. Because the body has burned a lot of energy Therefore, a group of people who exercise hard Need to increase the amount of food And into the necessary groups With an emphasis on protein Mainly good fats Otherwise it will directly affect the hair. Notice that the hair color will lighten quickly. Or the hair may become dry, brittle, and easily broken, therefore, women in their 40s should be aware of these factors as well.

3. Inaccurate nutrition

Diet is another factor that accelerates premature gray hair. Hair and the pigment builders in our hair Most of them are nutrients in the protein group. Therefore, women in their 40s need to eat well and should be high in protein. The doctor would like to classify the proteins that are essential to the body for readers to understand as follows.

Essential Amino Acid is the main group of protein nutrients. This is called an essential amino acid, meaning that the body cannot make it by itself. It is necessary to get from the diet. There are 7 important ones: Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Trio. Tryptophan Methionine

-Semi Essential Amino Acid is a secondary protein nutrient that the body can generate. But may not be built up to the needs of women aged 40 are often insufficient to meet the needs of the body, such as L-Carnitine, Arginine, especially in people who work hard, tend to lack this protein group. Therefore people who like to exercise Therefore needing to increase the variety of proteins And increase the amount of protein you eat as well

4. The lack of essential nutrients for the body

Such as the lack of essential vitamins From the problem of patients who come to see doctors, most It’s about a lighter hair color. Caused by deficiency of vitamin group B12 group folate, although it is a vitamin in fruits and vegetables, it is true. But the body has absorbed little to use Even if the reader who does not eat meat will be deficient in this group of vitamins. Or people with digestive problems Eat food and bloating easily. Will be lacking in this group of vitamins as well

If there is a problem with lightening hair color Or gray hair before the age of 40 should be adjusted to improve the digestive system of the body. And should be supplemented with B vitamins And the folate group increased

Eating green leafy vegetables that are high in folate. The body also needs a complete digestive system. Help is to eat foods that are enzymes to help digest these vegetables, for example, if you choose to eat the green salad menu Should choose a salad dressing that is yogurt. Because the bacteria in yogurt will help digest those green vegetables better. And converting nutrients into folate and vitamin B12 in a form that the body can use more easily.

The trick is to choose a group of foods that are fermented foods paired with fresh fruits and vegetables. It helps the digestive system in the body to function well. The body has completely absorbed the substances.

The doctor would like to add additional fatty foods. When it comes to fat Thai people are afraid of high blood fat. Therefore causing the lack of nutrients in this group Which affects the hair cells And the hair pigment can make it lighter as well

TAP research has shown that in the past five years, there has been a significant increase in Thais with vitamin D deficiency. From the past, the statistics will be people from the American continent. And the Middle East is mostly lost Which is the highest vitamin D deficiency in the world That’s because consuming foods labeled Low Fat and Vitamin D are fat-soluble.

A group of essential vitamins for the body that dissolve in fat And is a vitamin that is necessary for the formation of new cells, including vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K. Remember that they are often in the real fruit and vegetables. But if we do not eat fat in that meal. The body will not get those vitamins at all. Or absorbed to be used less

Note that global health food recipes or longevity recipes such as the Okinawa Diet recipes Or a Mediterranean diet recipe Most of them contain fats, such as avocado, olive oil, salmon, tuna, etc.

The principle is that fat will allow the body to absorb. Essential vitamins such as ADEK well for maximum benefit for the body. It also affects the health of the hair and hair color.

In addition, there are factors that can lead to the loss of nutrients in each meal, such as eating too much MSG. Eating too much coffee Or eating food additives frequently When ingested, it accumulates in large quantities Causing the body to work hard to expel these chemicals