“Toothache” that you should know

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Most of the toothache is the result of tooth decay. Which in the initial stage will have a sensitive tooth Before the pain spreads to the area under the chin and head Which of these symptoms Can be prevented by keeping your oral cavity clean But if there is a toothache, what should I do? We have some great tips to share.

Recognize toothache

Information from Lt. Dechsak Nakapaksiraj, Department of Oral Medicine and Periodontology Faculty of Medicine Mahidol University state that there were several reasons. And the main reasons are as follows

– Caries in the early stages of caries Patients will not have any symptoms. But if the decayed parts are deepen Patients begin to experience tooth sensitivity when drinking hot, cold water. Sometimes patients may experience toothache while chewing food. Because food particles get stuck in the decay holes. Treatment with dental fillings can help reduce pain.

– Inflammation of tissues in the dental nerve cavity Most often it is the result of very deep tooth decay. Until it penetrates the dental nerve cavity. They are locate in the root canal and may be found in worn, fracture, or broken teeth up to the tooth cavity. This will cause inflammation and infection of the tissues in the dental nerve plant. Causing toothache to come up Patients often have their own toothache without any stimulus. 

Especially at night Patients will have severe toothache and persistent pain. Sometimes pain relievers need to be take to relieve pain. But if the painkiller is ineffective, the patient will often experience pain return again. If you have pain similar This indicates that your teeth may be inflamed and infected in the phenolic tissue. Treatment may require root canal treatment or tooth extraction, depending on the residual tissue condition. Which requires the dentist to reevaluate the treatment

– The end of the root is purulent inflammation. If the inflammation of the pulp in the tooth cavity of the tooth is prolong. The disease may spread to the end of the tooth root. Causing infection and purulent root canal Patients will also have toothache. In combination with the swelling of the gums around infected and diseased teeth If the infection spreads outside the root to the bottom of the chin or cheek. You will notice that your face will be swollen. Treatment is the same as in the case of tissue inflammation in the tooth cavity.

– Wisdom teeth are cause by teeth that develop during the late adolescence, etc. Without coming up fully Because the jawbone does not have enough space or the adjacent teeth are crosse. Usually in the innermost molar Both the top and bottom can cause a toothache when the tooth is about to rise. If there are swollen gums around Purulent teeth talk Cook’s teeth. Should have surgery, teeth talk will make the pain less.

– gingivitis and periodontitis It is often cause by saliva or limestone plaque. Will cause inflammation Mash and toothache Patients often experience a thick, aching or nuisance pain along with a bleeding frangipani. If this is severe, the tooth will loosen.

You can see that toothache can be cause by many reasons. Which there are many more Diseases that can cause pain But for example, it is a common disease that causes toothache. So if you feel that there is a toothache Go out to the dentist immediately to find out the cause and get appropriate treatment. We should not be left unattended because it is more of an infectious inflammation. Which will make the treatment more difficult as well.

Do not want to have a toothache, have to follow

Information from the column Yenavaya before seeking a doctor Cheewajit Magazine, Issue 191, recommends the following simple ways to reduce toothache by yourself:

  • When there is a toothache Compress the side of the toothache side of the face with warm water.
  • In the event that the toothache is characterize by a throbbing pain. Which may be caused by infection Apply ice to the side of your face for 5 – 10 minutes every half hour. The cold will help reduce pain and reduce swelling.
  • If you have sensitive teeth Use caustic soda or brush your teeth with toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth.
  • When having to be in cold weather or during winter You can prevent tooth sensitivity or toothache from cold weather by covering your mouth with a scarf.
  • Avoid foods that are extremely hot, cold, and very sweet, especially tea, coffee, and ice cream, as this can encourage you to skip hard foods that require bite-sized bites such as carrots, apples, and guava that have not been cooked. Because of biting hard teeth on hard objects Will provoke a toothache And in the case of filling a tooth, avoid chewing gum, as it will make the filling material easier to come off.