Check Feng Shui 8 tips, your house is already rich

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A house apart from being a residence Recreation. The ancient also said that A good home must have a strong structure, airy, and air blowing Place in the correct feng shui principles. Which according to the beliefs will help promote the residents to have a good life, good fortune, and near this Chinese New Year festival, The Panamakam 8 tips for everyone to prepare to prepare a house to receive property to welcome the Year of the Golden Rat. What will be there? Let’s see.

1. The house facing the right direction

house should be facing the south and the north by the feng shui house. The house must be open to Wind direction blows from the east Qiang North in the first half And blowing southwest in the second half of the year, and if you buy a house in this direction, then the wind will blow into the cool home.

2. The front door must be open to receive the property

Opening doors and windows to Call for money and gold You don’t need to be open all day. For some houses with very hot air, need to open the air conditioner, should open the door and window. Raise the air in the morning first to receive new air masses. The innocent came into the house. This is a good energy storage for our homes. For those who are not at home, we recommend opening the windows. 

While starting to turn on the air for 5-15 minutes to keep the moisture accumulated in the air conditioner And the residual pathogens Has been drained first And then get new air in In our house Because when there is wind, there will be luck because the wind brings oxygen. Refreshing And the serenity of the house Our very well.
Light is Yang power or Active movement. If you, the reader, feel stagnate, the fortune will not be stimulated. If the house is arranged to be too spongy, it will cause the atmosphere in the house to be stressful, restless, so choose the right lights. With an active position Will add both luck And happily at home, for example, where we like to read  Or make-up corner should use white light so as not to deceive the eyes And does not lose sight. 

As for the corner where we sit and relax , it may be a warm light. In order to create a feeling of relaxation and not too much stress, most importantly, every area must have a bright light just in the various corridors. Which is like guiding the energy everywhere and preventing the occurrence of accidents Well.

3. Steady

Staircase A staircase is the stability of the house and the kitchen. ”According to Feng Shui principles, the staircase holds As an energy link Good for each floor of the house , which is a good feng shui staircase that has to be able to fully step on the foot and use strong materials because it indicates that the house has a higher strength.

4. Furniture created friendly

When the living corner in the house is Where all family members Talk to each other Therefore, the furniture should be surrounded or close together so that it is easy to talk to each other, not all the walls. Because it will increase the distance D and make each member stay. In my own corner Another thing that is recommend is the check. Carpet, foundation, furniture There is no need to place furniture. The whole body can be place on the carpet. But should at least give the front leg Furniture items are place on the carpet.

5. Sweep the house, prepare to receive a fortune

In the messy area Untidy Often destroys power and leads Stable to the house So should clean up Clean up those areas and add plants or flowers to the area. Go to adjust the area for Airiness Which, if possible, should bring a fountain It would be nice to decorate the house too. Because the fountain is consider representative Of wealth in the principle of Feng Shui. Which helps create power and prosperity, and is also a symbol of gold mone.

6. House colors to supplement finance

If you want to add fortune Financial promotion Try using colors that represent wood, water, and earth, such as green, brown, blue, black, orange, earth, or pale yellow. Decorations in the financial area Whether in the form of wall paint, fabric color, or a little decoration, it will promote the energy of Can give us wealth In addition, fire element colors such as red, orange, purple, magenta or pink stimulate the power of the earth. Can pay as well But should you only use a little? Slightly tinged a certain point, it means that table.

7. Decorative fortune telling

In Chinese astrology and Huang Zhi. Academic We look at everything around us as matter, including directions, so decorating your home for good luck should be consistent in our elemental systems, both generating and transferring to balance every inner energy . The house will help promote fortune. 

And also help those living with good health And have affection and unity as well, in which the advanced level Feng has fortified the big G to the individual at a specific position in the well with a computer chip with.
For north is the water direction Should be decorate with fountains or curved objects, shiny spheres, wave patterns. Or use colors in blue, gray, black, white, silver and gold, and do not use yellow, orange, cream, brown, son or son to decorate the house

South: is the fire element direction. Should be decorated with flowers, trees, or tall objects, cylindrical, pyramidal, or red, pink, green, and blue, blue, gray and black colors are strictly prohibited.

East and South East: is the wood element. They should be decorated with plants, fountains, or tall, wave-shaped objects, or use colors of green, blue, gray, black, and do not use silver, gold and metal to decorate your home in this direction.

West and Northwest: is the golden element. They should be decorated with shiny spheres, ceramics, pottery or colors of silver, gold, brown, cream, yellow, orange, oranges. Do not use red, pink to decorate the house in this direction without the red.

Northeast And southwest: is the earth element They should be decorated with ceramics, earthenware or yellow, orange, cream, brown, red-pink son, green. Decorate the house in this direction by the dead.

8. Shady with nature

The house that was feng shui. Must consist of green space with nature surrounding the house There are trees to provide shade. According to the principles of China’s Huangjun , the tree is prosperous. Which will help to reinforce the Charin thrives on both life and money to flourish like a tree.