What is Binge Eating Disorder ?

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From the news that “Ice-Saranyu Winaipanich”, a famous singer has revealed that he is suffering from Binge Eating Disorder , a disease in which patients are unable to control their eating. This causes weight problems, fat problems, both fat in the blood and fatty liver problems. Including also having a state of sadness.

     Many people have doubts that What is eating disorder? What are the causes and symptoms? Including many people have doubts that they are in the rank of this disease or not. Today we have gathered information about non-stop eating disorder. Or can’t stop eating disease to leave each other.

What is eating disorder?

     Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is an eating disorder. Patients will not be able to control their eating behavior. cause eating more food than usual Including still eating even when not feeling hungry and will stop only when unable to continue eating. which, when eating, will feel bad or feel guilty about yourself

     This disease can occur at any age. The most common age range is late adolescence or early 20s. Can result in other diseases and can also affect the mental state of the patient as well.

The cause of the eating disorder

     The cause of this disease is unclear. But it is possible that it may be caused by many factors such as

1. Some brain abnormalities 

     Patients may have a response to certain brain chemicals. Or there are some changes in the brain that make it less self-control.

2. have a psychological impact

     The patient may have suffered a psychological trauma. may have been abused lost family members including a lack of confidence Anxiety about your own body

3. have some kind of disease

     Patients may have certain psychiatric disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, stress disorder, or have a family member suffering from eating disorders.

Symptoms of binge eating

     The most noticeable symptom of this disease is the patient’s eating behavior as well as the change in the patient’s emotional state. The patient will have the following obvious symptoms:

  • eating more food than usual
  • unable to control himself to stop eating Even if it’s full
  • The patient will stop eating only when he is unable to eat, becomes full and uncomfortable, unable to continue eating.
  • Able to eat large quantities of food in a short amount of time.
  • Sometimes the patient may have a food hoarding behavior.
  • Patients will choose to eat alone. because he felt ashamed of the amount he ate
  • Feeling disgusted, depressed, or feeling guilty after eating 

How to prevent binge eating

     We can reduce the risk of non-stop eating diseases. by treating the underlying diseases such as stress, depression, bipolar disorder, as well as adjusting lifestyle behaviors such as

  • get enough rest
  • exercise
  • Find activities to reduce stress and to reduce negative feelings.
  • undergo therapy
  • Consult a doctor when signs of disease occur.
  • Strictly follow your doctor’s instructions.

Are we binge eating?

     If you’re just eating more than usual from time to time, such as eating more than usual because of a party or buffet. This is not considered a non-stop eating disease in any way.

     But if you think that your eating habits may be in the line of this disease. Can see a doctor for a proper diagnosis. People with this disease must have the above eating habits at least once a week and must be 3 months in a row.