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"Toothache" that you should know

“Toothache” that you should know

Most of the toothache is the result of tooth decay. Which in the initial stage will have a sensitive tooth Before the pain spreads to the area under the chin and head Which of these symptoms Can be prevented by keeping your oral cavity clean But if there is a

"Nama Chocolate", sweet and soft

“Nama Chocolate”, sweet and soft

Today, we have a famous dessert recipe! That is Nama Chocolate that comes to please chocolate lovers, I must say that you must not miss it! Let’s see Rich chocolate texture Which uses a dark chocolate mixture into the mixture with full flavor, soft texture, just perfect sweetness, and also add a

How to fight premature "gray hair", hair health

How to fight premature “gray hair”, hair health

First of all, doctors would like to explain the process of hair coloring first. Starting from our hair color, it is cause by the hair texture cells. And hair pigment cells that are proteins. Will continue to act to feed the pigment into the texture of our hair. As

Windmill viewpoint Phuket travel spots, beautiful photos

Windmill viewpoint Phuket travel spots, beautiful photos

Windmill viewpoint Phuket. In this situation It is believed that there are not few people who want to hang out. But worried about the congestion and crowded So today we are going to introduce some of the best places to visit! Feel like a foreign country like a windmill viewpoint. Phuket travel For everyone

Check Feng Shui 8 tips, your house is already rich

Check Feng Shui 8 tips, your house is already rich

A house apart from being a residence Recreation. The ancient also said that A good home must have a strong structure, airy, and air blowing Place in the correct feng shui principles. Which according to the beliefs will help promote the residents to have a good life, good fortune, and

5 things when you're lacking inspiration

5 things when you’re lacking inspiration

You may find inspiration everywhere in your daily life. Whether it’s watching a movie, reading a book, listening to music, or talking to someone. But that inspiration doesn’t always come to us. Sometimes you may feel like you have no mind at all right now. It makes your life

Healthy, 400 grams of colorful vegetables

Healthy, 400 grams of colorful vegetables

Each color of fruit and vegetable contains different substances that act differently, so in order to obtain a wide variety of essential substances. Complete to the body. Therefore should consume vegetables Fruit to have a variety of colors This is better than consuming monochromatic vegetables without needing to eat

Go to nature in Kanchanaburi province, life is good

Go to nature in Kanchanaburi province, life is good

1. E Tong Pilok Small village in Pilok Valley Thong Pha Phum District Kanchanaburi. It’s a mining town that once flourished in the past. After the glorious legend has closed Maintaining a tourist village where tourists traveled to relax a lot and still be full of natural beauty. Like a spell

"Nose style, Nose surgery good physiognomy"

“Nose style, Nose surgery good physiognomy”

Nose style, Nose surgery today is a very common practice that anyone can do now. Do you know these days? That the nose was done for physiognomy. It really helps to improve your fortune. For example, celebrities and pretty models all make good nose enhancement so they can